Those who do not want to
imitate anything,
produce nothing.
Salvador Dali


More To Life Than This - STORYHIVE Pitch Video

This was our pitch video to get one of the 15 Storyhive Alberta grants in 2015


You're My Best Friend

Lee's surprise wedding video he created for his wife Natalie on their wedding day


BloodBros Tags and Title

BloodBros Productions logos and tag examples


9 Slideshow

A collection of photos from our very first short film '9'


Michael - Slight of Mouth

Michael the Illusionist does a card trick for some kids at Olympic Park in downtown Calgary, Alberta


You're My Best Friend Bloopers

A few bloopers from the surprise wedding video


9 Intro Credits

Intro credits for our very first short film '9' filmed from a Cessna over downtown Calgary, Alberta at night


Michael - Intuition

Michael the Illusionist displays his mentalism in downtown Calgary, Alberta


4Something Slideshow

A collection of photos from a television pilot we produced and directed called '4Something'


9 Short Film Clip - Lucky's Intro

A short preview of our very first short film '9' that shows the character Lucky being introduced


Michael - Forced Break

Michael the Illusionist and his magic arm twist at Olympic Plaza in Calgary, Alberta


9 Behind The Scenes

Some great outtakes and a look behind the scenes of our very first short film '9'


Michael - Simple Touch

Michael the Illusionist makes a card appear with just a simple touch


4Something Clip - Somebody's Feet Stink

A short clip from the television pilot '4Something' we produced and directed showing the four temporary tenants


Aktivate Band Slideshow

Pictures collected from being on the road with the reggae band Aktivate. All songs by Aktivate


Michael - Universal Magic

Michael the Illusionist visits the Vanishing Rabbit magic shop in Calgary, Alberta


Michael Slideshow

A collection of photos from the web series Michael in 2006


P.A.S.S. - Urban Socca Skillz

Calgary's own Premiere Academy of Soccer Skills promo video for their Socca Skillz training session


Tough Guys - Big Rock Eddie Submission 2006

Starring the BloodBros


P.A.S.S. - Promo

Calgary's own Premiere Academy of Soccer Skills promo video


Core Yoga + Pilates Commercial

Commercial for Core Yoga + Pilates


Traditional Cowboy - Big Rock Eddie Submission 2006

Our very own Big Rock Eddie submission for 2006


Stepper Custom Homes Tree Planting Program

Stepper Custom Homes Inc. partnered with Outland Reforestation in this promo video


Divine Hardwood Flooring Web Video

Six minute promo video


Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio - 10th Anniversary

A local actors' studio 10th anniversary video from 2006

is intelligence
having fun
Albert Einstein


Lee and Doug are full biological 'blood' brothers, but they did not grow up together. They only connected in 1999. This is their story.

Their parents, Mark and Gail, were high school sweethearts and got pregnant with Doug in 1971 when they were too young to give him the childhood they thought he deserved. So they made the very difficult decision of giving him up for adoption. Doug was adopted into the loving home of a family in Lethbridge, Alberta. His family never hid the fact that he was adopted and gave him the choice to find his biological family if he wished.

Lee was born in 1979 and was raised with his sister Kristel, born in 1981. They were raised by their biological parents in Calgary unaware of the existence of their older brother Doug. As Lee and Kristel are the same age apart as their parents (two years), Mark and Gail made the decision to tell them about their brother when they were the same age as when they had to give Doug up for adoption. They hoped this would help them to better understand the choices they had to make. However, Doug found them first, just a few months before they had the chance. When the brothers met, they connected immediately; Doug was working for an advertising agency, something Lee was going to go to school for; and both shared a passion for film making. They wrote '9' and started on a path that lead them to what is BloodBros Productions today.



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When people ask me
if I went to film school
I tell them,
'no, I went to films.'
Quentin Tarantino


We have a unique
blend of talent that allows
us to offer such a diverse
range of services.

From concept to final wrap party, the BloodBros are a full service video production company. We are experts in design of all types, from motion to web, sound to graphic. We are proud to say we can handle almost anything that comes our way with professionalism and insight.

Our knowledge of photography and videography is one of our greatest assets, with countless hours of on the job training and short film experience. We have been involved with many exciting and challenging productions which push us to learn more every time we pick up a camera. And at the end of any project, once the editing is done and the final cut is in the can, we are always proud of what we’ve done.

to put a ding
in the universe
Steve Jobs


Yes… we’ve done a lot of things,
but this is what we’ve been up to lately.
Take a look and see what’s
new in the BloodBros' world.

South Trail Crossing Barbershop Sizzle Reel

A web commercial we produced, shot, directed, edited, and even created our own music for our friends over at South Trail Crossing Barbershop. Check it...



Between my brother and I, we know everything. If I don’t know it, well, that’s one my brother knows.
In the meantime hear are a few frequently asked questions to get you started.

Who are the BloodBros?
Lee Schnellback and Doug Van Voorst. We are a video production company, brothers, and writers always on the look out for creative opportunities. 
What does the name BloodBros mean?
Brothers by blood, not by name. Read more about our story in the 'About' section on this page.
What is your experience?
Between the two of us we have over 40 years experience in video, photography, design, advertising, art direction, writing, web design, concept development, and many other disciplines. Our knowledge of the industry casts a wide net and so do our relationships with our clients and contacts.
Why do I need video?
Online video offers your business a great opportunity to get it's message across and to tell your story to people searching for what you offer. It is the easiest way to educate viewers about your products, services, and brand. Consumers expect to see video and it's the easiest way to express who you are and what you’re all about. In fact, video makes your website and emails sticky which in turn, has had a positive impact on sales, lead-generation, use of the site, and improved customer relations.
What are some ways businesses use video?
Businesses both small and large are using online video to their advantage in so many ways:

- Corporate and business profiles
- Client testimonials
- Sales presentations
- Product introductions and demonstrations
- Team bios and profiles
- Q & A expert series
- Original Web TV content
- Video blogs
- Event promotion and coverage
- On-location events and tradeshows
- Recruitment and training
- Executive and staff presentations
- In-store
- Video press releases
- Social media
and much more...

No matter what use your business finds for video, it is easily experienced on-demand. It’s like being able to deliver your best sales pitch 24/7, and to a worldwide audience.
Who are your influences?
Directors: Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher

Artists: Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, M.C Escher, Gustav Klimt, Andy Warhol

Authors: Ernest Hemingway, Anne Rice, Douglas Coupland, Chuck Palahniuk

Architects: Frank Llyod Wright, Frank Gehry

...also Steve Jobs and Hunter S. Thompson.

An essential
aspect of creativity
is not being afraid
to fail.
Edwin Land


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